flower3D nipple areola tattooing or repigmentation has become standard procedure in reconstruction following a mastectomy.

It is generally performed as the final stage of breast reconstruction. It can also be done to conceal a scar or cosmetically enhance your nipples.

We are able to give them the appearance of a completely natural areola and nipple.

This is a simple tattoo procedure for women who have lost one or both nipples through surgery or trauma.

By using advanced tattooing techniques, the appearance of the nipple can be restored.

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We are now training a further tattooist from our studio…Marcin, He is soon to complete his 3d areola tattoo training and he will be available for appointments as from 1st march 2015.

Meet Richard

Richard I have been tattooing now for 14 years.

I run a very successful tattoo studio Adrenalin in Luton Bedfordshire and very fortunate to been in the position where I enjoy my work immensely. I have always had a love for body art since I had my first tattoo and was inspired by Ed Hardy to achieve my goal as I was fortunate enough to be tattooed by Ed who was the best tattooist in the world and he is still known as the Don of the industry.

Another angle in this field of art work come my way via a customer with post operation breast reconstruction.

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